Has your current supplier explored all the ways you can reduce costs and increase margins?

Serenity has a solution!

Everyone can always supply a cheaper box but what is the actual cost you are paying? Less expensive materials can mean quality problems such as damaged product, fewer turns, or worse yet, lost customers. There are much more effective means to reduce costs than to simply downgrade the material (with and sometimes without your consent). By thinking outside of the box, the actual cost reductions may actually exceed the cost of your packaging.

Instead, allow Serenity Packaging to discover ways to truly reduce your overall costs. We work closely with our customers to identify and achieve their savings objectives by reviewing all aspects of the cost of packaging.

Administrative Costs - The average invoice costs between $75 and $150 to process. With the introduction of monthly consolidated billing, some of our customers are realizing cost savings of over $20,000 per year, per site! Additionally, monthly consolidated billing adds on average an additional 15 days to your payables which will allow you to realize payment discounts or increased cash flow.

Inventory Control - Using our proprietary “Virtual VMI” software to manage the packaging inventory on your floor, you can realize savings due to inventory reduction and organization.

Consignment - How much cash do you have tied up in the corrugated and packaging sitting in your warehouse? By adopting one of our consignment programs, you can add money back to your cash flow and increase your ROI.

Speed - Increasing your line speeds means greater efficiency. Greater efficiency means reduced costs. Serenity Packaging can help identify existing bottlenecks and bring in our equipment partners for solutions.

Automation - Introducing more or updated automation into your current processes to reduce labor and/or equipment costs.

Sustainability - Sustainability means not only saving the environment but it also means saving money. Can we reduce costs by reducing materials? Absolutely.

Terms - Explore the flexible billing options Serenity can tailor to meet your specific needs.

Cubic Utilization - Cubic utilization reduces freight, handling, labor, warehousing costs and more.

Price is important but the total cost is more so. Contact Serenity Packaging to reduce your costs today.

We Never Say No, There Is Always a Solution!