Tired of your delivery dates being treated only as a suggestion?

Serenity has a solution!

No matter what business you are in, quality suppliers are the key to your success. Without a dependable supply chain for your packaging and packing supplies, you place your entire business and customers at risk. In today’s world of e-commerce as well as B2B, packaging plays an essential role in not only the delivery of your product but also the first physical impression of your company.

How can Serenity Packaging help? We offer our customers a complete supply chain audit for their businesses. As a supply chain specialist, day to day challenges require your attention. Why don’t you allow Serenity Packaging take the burden of managing your packaging suppliers off your shoulders? We partner with an extensive portfolio of manufacturers and distributors. We qualify our suppliers, manage their quality and ensure on-time delivery. Couple our monitoring of your packaging supply chain with our proprietary programs and we will deliver you a state of the art supply chain.

Programs to consider:

  • A cost-effective VMI program which ensures minimizing inventory.
  • A consignment program which increases cash flow by reducing the capital tied up in your inventory.
  • Reduction of your lead times for packaging products while increasing the reliability of delivery.
  • A better than 99% on-time delivery.
  • Addressing quality upstream to ensure problems do not disrupt your supply chain.

Contact us today to see how Serenity Packaging’s dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable team can help you take the fear and complexity out of your supply chain evaluation.

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